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Promoting a Culture of Excellence

Promoting a Culture of Excellence

The Professor Osayuki Oshodin administration has continued to attract commendation for its vision and tremendous transformation in the delivery of world-class academic services within a few years in the University of Benin   It is not unusual to find one’s office a comfort zone shortly after appointment by government. Nor is it surprising to curry the favour of some godfathers while sitting idly and in the end hire a horde of sycophants to herald as


Restoring The Pride Of UNIBEN

The administration of Profession Osayuki Oshodin has revolutionised learning at the University of Benin, in the process bringing human capital development to global standards to the admiration of many stakeholders More than ever before, the world is shrinking into a global arena of sorts, broadening opportunities for nations and institutions of learning the world over and eliminating barriers that once stifled growth and development. Regrettably, every giant step taken by man is greeted by a


Oshodin’s Infrastructure Magic

Driving round the University of Benin has become a quite unique experience for first time visitors. The simple reason is that, from the entrance, there is a refreshing feeling that drives one into enthusiasm for the institution. With a screening process handled by well-trained security men who are equipped with modern facilities, gone are the days when one would just enter the university without proper identification. Indeed, one can feel the changes from the gate


Profile: Professor Oshodin, An Astute Academic

His love and passion for humanity and communal development have remained his mainstay. His thirst for education was the steam that spurred him on. His enthusiasm to learn excited him the more. Unrelenting, Osayuki Godwin Oshodin, professor of Health Education and outgoing Vice Chancellor, University of Benin, Edo State, pushed himself further and the fruits he derived from his unrelenting labour and tenacity proved to be the sweetest of all pleasures, when in November 2009,