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NCC FINE: MTN Backs Down On Trial

The management of MTN, Nigeria’s largest mobile telephone company may have reviewed its decision to contest the penalty imposed on it by the National Communication Commission, NCC, the regulator in the industry. Wole Olanipekun, senior advocate of Nigeria, SAN leading 10 other SANs for the telephone company told the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos this morning that the company wants to pursue an out of court settlement. The NCC had fined MTN a sum of

Why Airtel Returns with Touching Lives Season 2

Why Airtel Returns with Touching Lives Season 2

After recording monumental success with the maiden edition of its revolutionary CSR initiative, Airtel Touching Lives, leading telecoms operator, Airtel Nigeria, has announced the commencement of the second edition of the initiative, which has been described by many as a ground-breaking approach to Corporate Social Investment. The Airtel Touching Lives is focused on empowering, uplifting and creating life-changing opportunities for underprivileged individuals, communities and groups in the Nigerian society. Speaking at an event held on Wednesday (August 5th)

A Shoe-like Aircraft

A Shoe-like Aircraft

Fancy flying in an aircraft with the shape of a woman’s shoe, especially one designed to look like a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo high-heeled footwear? Such may appear as wishful thinking, but Honda, a company famous for its award winning line of automobiles, motorcycles, and home improvement equipment, has made that possible by manufacturing the jet, after about 30 years of development. The HondaJet marks the company’s entry into the $23 billion a year general

E-Fan 2. 0

The World’s First Electric Plane

When in April 2014, Airbus Group through SAS, its aircraft manufacturing division, introduced the first E-Fan aircraft in a YouTube video, not a few wondered about the viability of the project. How can an aircraft be powered by electric? But the group proved it could achieve the feat of completely switching to renewable energy, as it unveiled the E-Fan 2.0 prototype aircraft designed from the outset specifically with the use of electric power. Being the

A Light Power by Gravity

A Light Power by Gravity

Ever heard of a lamp that is powered with gravity and requires no batteries, electricity or sunlight? The world seems to have come of age for one. Electricity is a provision that is so readily available to us that we tend to forget that there is a vast majority in this world that has no access to it. This deprivation of electricity leaves billions of people to rely on such things as kerosene lamps for

The First Hearable Control Device

The First Hearable Control Device

Imagine what it would be like if, with the help of technology, you could make your already good hearing better. What if you could filter out certain noises and amplify other ones to customise what you can hear? Well, if New York-based startup Doppler Labs has its way, you might soon be able to. Doppler has recently taken to to fund the launch of a device called Here. It is essentially a set of

Robotel Partners Topteck Nigeria

Robotel Partners Topteck Nigeria

Robotel Incorporated, a Canadian-based teaching solution developer, has achieved a laudable feat towards bridging the gap between Nigerian schools and digital classroom management systems, as it partners Topteck Nigeria, another solution provider. The partnership offers hundreds of Nigerian educational institutions a world-class digital classroom and language laboratories. Yanick Demers, executive director, Robotel Inc, explained during a town-hall meeting tagged Robotel SmartClass+: The 21st Century Digital Classroom in Lagos, that the partnership was a welcome development


Microsoft Embraces ‘Middle Finger’ Emoji

Microsoft has dared to go where Apple and Google have so far feared to tread, becoming the first big consumer OS vendor to add the “middle finger” emoji to its software platform. Flipping the bird in emoji form has been around since the middle of last year, and rolled out as part of the Unicode 7 update, but Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended Emoji wasn’t supported in Windows 8 or 8.1. The emoji, which


Facebook Hits Back in India Row

Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg, has defended the aims of his initiative on Thursday, after several Indian firms decided to pull out of the project. Zuckerberg argued that’s basic free services were not incompatible with net neutrality and the principle that all web services should be equally accessible. He wrote in a blog that, “We fully support net neutrality universal connectivity, therefore net neutrality can and must co-exist.” But critics of the project were