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Clyde Terry , South African

Interview: Gays Are Normal People – Clyde Terry

Interview: Gays Are Normal People – Clyde Terry

On a recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa for a workshop on Religion & Sexual and Gender Minorities, Anthony Akaeze, Associate Editor, met with Clyde Terry, a member of the South African gay community at a social function. Terry, in this interview speaks about his experience as a young man who later had to make a choice, his family’s reaction to it and his relationship with non gays.   Nigeria is a pretty conservative


Zuma Under Probe For Corruption

South African police have launched an investigation into corruption charges linked to President Jacob Zuma. Police says that the president misused $24 million public funds to renovate his house in the rural village of Nkandla. Zuma, who was re-elected as the President in May, has claimed that he had no knowledge of the work on his home, including the building of a private clinic, amphitheater and swimming pool. His government claimed that all the renovations were security related.