Men Raping Boys: The Big Cover Up

TELL Cover Page

TELL Cover Page

Each time the issue came up at the editorial board meeting it generated an exciting debate. There were expressions of concern for the weak, the fear for the future of the young ones and the responsibility of the state to the citizens. Editors usually look beyond the immediate act; they see the implications of forceful initiation in the life of the young victims. They also marvel at the display of helplessness in a system that is expected to protect the minors. So each time Tajudeen Suleiman, senior associate editor reported back to the office on his findings, the board raised questions on areas in need of clarification.

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What that means is that he had to go to different places in the affected states to glean information from people, majority of who regard as taboo discussions on homosexuality and particularly the rape of innocent school children. Though the assignment seemed like squeezing water out of stone, Suleiman, a resourceful reporter who cuddles his job like the first love, returned with loads of information. His findings form the substance of this week’s cover story, Men Raping Boys: The Big Cover Up.

Even as he was putting that together last week, the fate of the national economy now at the mercy of global tide weighed in heavily. The angst in the system was accentuated by the visit of Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, IMF to Nigeria. Now Nigerians dread IMF and they have never hidden that fear. So it was not surprising that every word in Lagarde’s statements was subjected to scrutiny. Thus the special report looks at the plight of an economy caught in the global economic waves. The stories, in the special report section, which give account of An Economy Struggling With Global Storms, are written by Salif Atojoko, deputy general editor, business and special projects and Juliana Uche-Okobi, assistant editor who manages the foreign desk.

These efforts provide the taste for the package in this edition.

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