A New Online Newspaper Debuts

A New Online Newspaper Debuts Untold! That’s the name of a new online investigative newspaper, which was unveiled to the public today. It is published by Jades Communications Limited, an Information Technology and Media Company.   Adejuwon Soyinka, the Editor-in-Chief of Untold, said the medium comes to fill a yawning gap as the media landscape today is devoid of a truly investigative news publication wholly devoted to serving the readers with news behind the news. “This is exactly where Untold comes and served on an aesthetically appealing web platform, which is easily accessible and the publication employs investigative journalism skills to take on issues that affect every day lives of the people and expose the facts and news behind the news,” he explained, adding that Untold is poised to go beyond the ordinary to serve news stories that traditional news media and other online publications in Nigeria usually neglect because they are too busy chasing the next breaking news. “When news breaks, the Nigerian online audience, which as at the last count, stood at over 62.4 million and is reputed to be the largest in Africa, can rely on Untold news website for not only the breaking news but an expose on why the item in the news made the headlines,” he promised. Soyinka, who also doubles as the Chief Executive Officer, Jades Communications Limited, is a multiple award- winning journalist who has to his credit no less than 10 Nigerian Media Merit Awards, NMMA, and a few others, including the Diamond Award for Media Excellence, DAME, and the Wole Soyinka Prize for Investigative Journalism. He was until recently the Deputy General Editor of TELL Magazine and also Editor of TELL’s web publication, as well as a member of the magazine’s editorial board.


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