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Nigeria’s Floodgate of Scandals

 Could the Goodluck Jonathan government be said to be accident-prone? That may not be true. God rewards man for every act good or bad deservedly. The floodgate of scams that burst open with the pension fund scandal has released more filth for the nation to gulp belly full. The over-powering Tsunami of fraud has overflowed

Adebanjo: Another Four Years of Decay?

 Scotland has just decided by approximately 55 per cent vote to stay in Britain. It does not rob Scotland of its soul as a nation in the United Kingdom. Bavaria prides its institutions more than it prides the Republic of Germany. In fact, all the states of Germany are genuinely autonomous of the Federal Republic

Bye Bye Benji!!!

In 1958 when Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe (alias KO) rebelled against Nnamdi Azikwe, he founded a newspaper to give robust intellectual muscle to his revolt. The name of the paper was Daily Telegraph and the editor was maverick Smart Ebbi (alias Marshal Kebby). Marshal Kebby switched loyalty to Mbadiwe from Zik’s West African Pilot where he

Is Ghaddafi Haunting Nigeria?

The pains of fallen relatives and friends never really cease however we pretend that God “giveth and taketh.” Their memories are always present in our thoughts I shall not forget Dimgba Igwe and his twin, Mike Awoyinfa, for the respect they had always given to senior colleagues. It pains that Dimgba is no more. His

Blame Bush, Not Putin, For Instability

The world is on edge and the only saving grace is the presence of two thinking leaders at both ends of the opposite poles. If one goes by what is churned out by the West, the tendency is to blame Russia currently for threatening world peace. Africans are very gullible, always chewing stuff released per

The Chickens Are Back To Roost

 This is a season of carpet crossing because the name of the game of politics in Nigeria now is gold digging. It appears nobody believes in anything in Nigeria today aside in mammon. The mallam from Kano switched over to the ruling party a few months ago and was rewarded with a ministerial job. The

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