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Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

Remembering Fela’s VIPs: “Vagabonds in Power”

Remembering Fela’s VIPs: “Vagabonds in Power”

One conventional piece of wisdom says that the more things change, the more they remain the same. For Nigeria, things don’t remain the same after many iteration of change. They get progressively worse. Our elections or special selections are a good illustration of this oddity.On February 25, Nigeria effortlessly reached another level of infamy. We

Last Chronicles Of The Ultimate Illusionist

Mendacity has been the operating ideology of the All Progressives Congress. Since its inception, it has fiercely embraced deliberate falsehood and deployed it as a potent weapon of political warfare. Its leaders have an adversarial relationship with truth, and they intuitively triple down on their false claims even when overwhelming evidence contradicts them. The chief

Nyesom Wike


Nyesom Wike is a man on a mission. One he has designed to wreck the Peoples’ Democratic Party’s chances in next year’s general elections. What he can’t get, he’ll work hard to prevent others from getting. It’s said that those the gods want to destroy they’ll first inebriate with insanity. They assume the status of

The Over-Paid Loony Bunch In Abuja

The Over-Paid Loony Bunch In Abuja

Self-praise is the luxurious indulgence of the indolent and the vain. The ninth National Assembly has consistently displayed its indolence and vanity in large measure. Probably because it lacks self-awareness of its very low esteem among the public, it has awarded itself the distinction of being the best National Assembly since the inception of the

The Wreckage Foretold

The Wreckage Foretold

Nigeria now equates to a new definition of extreme chaos in all its frightening dimensions and calamitous ramifications. A country betrayed by its Lilliputian leaders and short-sighted effete elites. It was Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, who repeatedly warned weeks before the 2015 general elections that Nigerians would be boarding “a one-chance bus” if

President Muhammadu Buhari Photo

Sour Rhetoric, Dour Delivery And Advertisement For Himself

Why does President Muhammadu Buhari bother to make a national broadcast? There’s no law that requires him to do it. But it’s deemed obligatory he does so. Because it’s the convention for the head of state to talk to the people on special occasions. But the problem is that whenever he makes a broadcast, he

President Muhammadu Buhari

The Man Who Lives in a Bubble

JUNE 12 is supposed to symbolize and celebrate Nigeria’s third political experiment with democracy. But last Saturday, the essence of that special day was roundly desecrated. The police and other security agents were deployed in huge numbers to disrupt peaceful rallies all over the country. People were blatantly denied their fundamental right to freely assemble

The Twitter Storm and Lai's Tantrums

The Twitter Storm and Lai’s Tantrums

The federal government has declared war on the people. It has done so to remind us all that, even if it can’t provide effective governance, it still has enormous power to terrorize us. And it’ll do so without apologies to no one. The declaration of the war flowed directly from its obsession with social media

Muhammadu Buhari Photo

The Sad Chronicles Of a Failed ‘Messiah’

Even his most rabid critics could not have imagined that he would reduce Nigeria to a failed state. Six years on, Muhammadu Buhari has achieved the feat with outstanding ease, as the country has, literally and factually, become one whose defining dynamic is anarchy unbound in all its terrifying ramifications. As the country steadily dissolves

Abubakar Malami Photo

Malami and His Dangerous Theatrics

Abubakar Malami has a special gift for inviting discerning people to dismiss him as a clown. Indeed he’s a clown, but a very dangerous clown. This is because he’s the minister of justice and federal attorney-general. His portfolio makes him the country’s chief law officer and chief legal adviser to the federal government. A huge

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