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Goodluck Jonathan Photo

Remembering Jonathan

Remembering Jonathan

Change was nothing but a chimera sold by snake oil salesmen and saleswomen. We were warned, by those who feared, that embracing the chimera would be a disastrously wrong turn on our road to democratic progression. They had seen through the smokes-and-mirror agenda of the All Progressives Congress, APC. But their voices were drowned out

Obaseki and Oshiomhole Photo

A Civil War Without End

By the nature of their profession, politicians, generally, are scoundrels, with only very few exceptions. They are instinctively dishonest and thrive in brinkmanship. Oftentimes of the most extreme kind. They are like the chameleon that changes its colour anytime to match its current location. For the politician, it’s to fit his immediate interest, which is

The Ticking Time Bomb!

The Ticking Time Bomb!

This is a historically trying period for mankind, a unique time warp that reminds us how very puny we are in the natural scheme of things. Our delusion that we are the masters of the universe has been badly exposed by an invisible, vicious virus. All over the world, people are scrambling for cover, confused

Donald Trump Photo

Trump’s Corona Blues

A bully is a coward with a fragile ego. That squarely fits President Donald Trump, who is a dangerous bully at war with common sense and reality by creating an alternative universe about everything that he can’t bend to his will. He distorts facts so cavalierly. Or as his senior counsel, Kellyanne Conway, once said,

Ajaokuta Steel Plant Photo

Ajaokuta: Jinxed and Junked

Here we go again on the road to nowhere. Ajaokuta Steel Plant is back in the news once more, as the government ramps up efforts to create the impression that it means business this time. That is, the business of trying to get the steel plant working. Early last week, the federal government set up

Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari Photo

The Buhari Gambari Gambit

Nobody saw it coming. Really? The appointment of Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari as chief of staff may have surprised many of those who still give a toss about the Buhari presidency. Not to those who run the presidency, and we know who they are. Gambari, who succeeds the late chief of staff to President Muhammadu

Wike makes good his threat, demolishes hotels Photo

Wike’s Messianic Complex

There are governors and they all are different except for one characteristic they have in common. They are the undisputed lords of their manors and little emperors of their states. The only person superior to them is the president, and one that is ready to bite them when they get too uppity. But there is

Federal Capital Territory, Abuja

Nigeria’s Final Burst

The raining season is here, at last, to give us some relief from the searing heat of the dry months. But the relief will be soured by the torrential economic woes that have enveloped the country. Indeed, Nigerians are in for a very hard time, caught between the terror of the coronavirus pandemic and the

Aminu Masari Photo

Who Is Shedding Crocodile Tears Now?

Governor Aminu Masari is lamenting the banditry that is ravaging Katsina and other states in the northwest. He is at his wits end as he has run out of options to tackle the menace of lawlessness that has made the lives of the people an absolute misery. They can’t go to their farms freely; they

Donald Trump Photo

Some Countries Do Have Them

There is nothing as exact as a major crisis to assess the worth of leaders. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed many of them to be impostors, unfit for the high offices of president and prime minister they hold. President Donald Trump is a classic example of leaders who have been found out by the pandemic.

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