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CBN After Sanusi

CBN After Sanusi

  When the story of who succeeds Lamido Sanusi as governor, Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, is told, he or she will be described as the most scrutinised candidate to ever occupy the position. This is because as the countdown to June when Sanusi’s five-year tenure as CBN governor is slated to end, the stakes

South Sudan: Not Yet Uhuru

Going by the estimates of the United Nations, UN, over 1,000 persons have died in the violence that erupted in South Sudan on December 15, 2013 when forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and those supporting Riek Machar, his former vice-president, took up arms. Malakal, a gateway city to the oilfields of the Upper Nile

DHL Promotes Better Education

The joy of the employees of DHL Nigeria, a courier and logistics company, is immeasurable. They are excited over the UPstairs Scholarship Programme, a platform put in place by the company to provide financial support worth €2,000 per annum to their children and families who desire to switch to a higher calibre school or moving

The Politics of Privatisation of Refineries

Investors who are prospecting for Nigeria’s moribund refineries may have to wait for a longer time for inexplicable reasons. In the face of the current political upheaval and sundry economic issues his government has to contend with, President Goodluck Jonathan is not willing to allow any pressure group to have its way by lashing onto

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