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Keke Marwa: New Business Frontier for Women

Keke Marwa: New Business Frontier for Women

Driven by the need to make ends meet, many women have abandoned their traditional area of business to become commercial tricycle operators, which they consider more profitable Time was 7.30am, Tuesday, February 4, 2014, and Bose Ogunlana, 34, had just finished preparing her three children for school. She too was getting ready to leave the house for her business. But Ogunlana, unlike most women, earns a living in a man’s world – operating a commercial


The Thriving Road Business

Transport companies, operating modern buses and offering a bouquet of alluring services, are making a kill in Nigeria despite the bad road infrastructure, and are now extending their frontier to the West Coast. Associated Bus Company, ABC, one of Nigeria’s luxury bus operators, maintains a firm grip on the nation’s road transport business. Encouraged largely by a deliberate, painstaking strategy of expanding its scope of operation and fleet size, and introducing a number of innovative