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So, What’s the Hype About Marriage?

So, What’s the Hype About Marriage?

This is a rant. Having a parent around during the bleak autumn/winter months is not ideal for several reasons. Please don’t get me wrong, parents are a blessing to have around at any time, but if you are unmarried, it is extra hard to deal with the constant nagging to find a partner. Click here

Voices for the Voiceless

There are different ways to be heard. Babies understand how to get attention innately. They cry. Newspaper and magazine editors live for their next headline. The news headlines or the talking points are very important. Media junkies thrive on the buzz the news cycle creates. Many people use their pens, pencils, laptops, speeches, protests, online

Pondering About Life and Suffering

The most predictable thing about life is its unpredictability. Life can happen to any one at any time. Cancer diagnosis, death, barrenness, poverty, demotion, hunger, divorce, stillbirths, miscarriages, stroke, dementia, adultery, arson attack, suicide, are examples of what can go wrong while alive. Click here to download our magazines As though the aforementioned were not

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Nigeria’s Changing Police

The Nigeria Police Force has suffered and still suffers from negative public perception. The fact is that Nigerian policemen are still on the motorways collecting N100 notes or more from drivers, under the guise of checking for vehicle documents. The Nigeria Police need to overcome incidents of random bullet discharge and collection of bribes however

Redemption Camp, Nigeria’s Vatican City

As a guest at the rather posh Redemption Camp home of an ardent member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, one has the luxury of unlimited and super fast Internet access. The atmosphere is cool, the air conditioning unit is on and the noise of some people praying can be heard. It is the

Ibadan’s Changing Face

The cool breeze from the calm lake, the quiet humming noise from the different lawn mowers positioned at strategic locations at the very posh Agodi Gardens, Ibadan, keeps me company on this cool Friday morning. The air is fresh and calm and one is reminded of what it was like growing up in Ibadan. The

A Night Out with Books and Films

I have just come back from what could be described as the most enlightening night of my life. The writer had gone up the motorway to Rugby at Junction 18 of the M1 in United Kingdom, UK, for a literary event. It was advertised as the merger between the arts, science and philosophy. Not much

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