Eid el Fitri: Fears over attack on Lagos

There are fears of likely terrorist attacks on some areas in Lagos, the city-state described as the commercial capital of Nigeria. The Nigerian military had warned in an earlier statement, but the assumed threat was amplified by an announcement from the US mission in the country warning that ‘groups associated with terrorist activity might be planning attacks against hotels in Lagos frequented by international visitors, including those located on waterfronts’ during the holidays.
There had been fears at different times of possible attacks from militants from Niger delta region of the country and  Boko Haram. Lagos, in the southwestern part of Nigeria, is one of the places that have experienced some measure of peace , particularly since the tragic campaigns of the Islamist group, Boko haram in the northern parts of the country and the restiveness of the militants in the Niger delta. For this reason, people from the troubled regions run to safety in Lagos among other places, where they try to pick up their lives again.
An attack on Lagos will send the signal that nowhere is safe in Nigeria and thus impact efforts of the government to attract foreign investment necessary to reflate the ailing economy.

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