‘It Has been a Great Experience as a Student’ – Florence Babayemi

Babayemi Chaplain

Florence Babayemi, Accounting Graduate and past Female Student Chaplain

Back then in 2011 when you entered Landmark, it must have looked like a journey for you to study here, but now you are about to graduate. Can you look back and tell us your experience in the past four years?

It has been a great experience, especially being privileged to be one of the first three students that were at the first matriculation. I was one of the three students who started the school that were blessed during the matriculation by the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo. It was very interesting. I think about two weeks after we started the school, students starting coming in and since then we have enjoyed our time here. The first semester was so long, we started late in March. It was the longest semester but God has helped us all along. It has been an awesome experience.

What type of education would you say you have received here? Would you recommend it to your younger siblings and friends?

The education we get here is not only academic, but it is also spiritually based. You come here not only to be a graduate but to also be equipped with the seven core values that is part of the vision of this university. After graduating, you will be surprised what you will become. So, I will want people to come here, I will recommend it for anyone. Outside there, and in other universities, values such as responsibility, possibility mentality are not there. I believe this is the best university to come. We have people who care about you, about your future, who will mentor you; so this is the best institution to be.

As the female student chaplain, what does brief entail?

I am supposed to work directly with the male student chaplain as directed by the University Chaplain. We are to assist him (University Chaplain) with the students because we are closer to them. We are not doing the work of the chaplain, we are only helping him. We are there to see what he may not have seen and then report back to him. Our responsibilities are as directed by the University Chaplain.

What will you do with the education you got here as you are going into the real world? Are you going to be a farmer?

No, I studied Accounting. I am not going to be in core farming but that does not mean that I will not be involved in farming. I will be involved by having shares in agricultural companies. But as an accountant, I would love to go out there to instil discipline and transparency in the accounting profession. Out there, they believe no accountant can be disciplined or transparent and that you have to compromise. But I am going out to show that one can have integrity even at the presence or temptation of money.

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