Half of a Yellow Sun Banned

The Nigeria Film and Video Censorship Board, (NFVCB), has banned the widely publicized and internationally acclaimed film, Half of A Yellow Sun, which has been premiered in Nigeria.

The film promoters are making frantic efforts to remove the offensive sections and get the film approved.

Sources said that the film is being stopped from getting into the market due to the parts that tend to stir up tribal sentiments, especially on issues that led to the Nigerian civil war.

The filmmakers have further revealed that, “with the Boko Haram insurgency and the Adamawa State governor’s outburst, the NFVCB is living up to its billing.”

A press statement issued by the film Producers onApril 25, also stated that the date for the movie release has been shifted. It stated that, ‘regrettably’, the much anticipated release of Half of a Yellow Sun has had to be postponed as a result of delays in obtaining certification from the Nigeria Film and Videos Censors Board.

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