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Legislative Coup in Bauchi, Edo

Legislative Coup in Bauchi, Edo

After 20 years of democracy in Nigeria, the era of executive impunity and legislative rascality is evidently not over as minority law makers in Bauchi and Edo Houses of Assembly seize leadership At the Bauchi and Edo State Houses of Assembly, confusion reigns, and the business of law-making is in abeyance. It had been so

‘Bala Mohammed Was Prevailed Upon Not To Resign’ – Ogbueyi

Nosike Ogbueyi, special adviser to Bala Mohammed, Minister, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, said his boss decided not to resign from his current appointment after being prevailed upon by Abuja residents to continue with his transformation of the FCT. Ogbueyi said the minister was the candidate to beat among aspirants vying for the governorship seat of

Actualising the Dream Capital City

The Land Swap Initiative may soon concretise the vision of Abuja as a true modern capital city   A modern capital city in the 21st century must be one with state-of-the-art infrastructure – roads, water supply, underground electrical and sewage connections, telecommunication, health, education, recreation and security facilities, and many more. Building this kind of

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