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The Economy and the Bogey of 100 Days

The Economy and the Bogey of 100 Days

    The convention of examining a new government after 100 days in office seems not only disturbing but also misleading. While many, if not all, politicians aspiring for office promise goodies to the people within 100 days, if elected, one should not lift the issue to undue prominence. Governance is a continuous process; hence

Nigeria, Employment and Computation of Unemployment Rates

Employment is an important variable in any economy’s development equation. Employment has both economic and social ramifications. Consequently, the labour force comprises all persons 16 years of age (slightly older in some economies) and upward who are neither in prison nor in a mental institution and who are either employed or unemployed. Employment, particularly full

Bold Steps in Poverty Alleviation and Employment Opportunities

The government of Delta State, through agriculture, infrastructure development and creation of an enabling environment, has expanded employment opportunities for the people  From inception, Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan promised to turn around the fortunes of the people of Delta State. For the governor, nothing is as good as putting smiles on the faces of the people.

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