Kiss Friendly Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are the bane of a good kiss, especially if both parties happen to be spectacled. Thankfully, Blinc Vase, a Tokyo-based eyewear company has come up with a great, albeit, weird Kiss Eyeglasses specifically designed for those extra-long, lip-locking sessions.

These two-way glasses consist of a single pair of lenses that can be worn by two people at once.

The glasses have two pairs of arms facing opposite ways, allowing a couple who would otherwise be wearing two pairs of specs to get even closer to each other.

Of course, an easier solution would be to just take both pairs off for a specs-free experience. But you have to admit, kiss eyeglasses sound way more fun. This way, even people with the worst eyesights can gaze at their significant other while sharing a kiss. “We are all for bringing people closer together and these glasses do just that. Not only can they lean in close for a kiss, they can see who they’re kissing very, very clearly,” said the company’s spokeperson.

The company also revealed that they kept the style of the kiss eyeglasses deliberately simple, the classic Boston shape, so they would blend seamlessly on to any kind of face and wearers wouldn’t get tired of the frames.

Custom orders are possible as well, for people with higher nose bridges.

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