Many Worshippers Killed in Owo Church Attack

The church service was being rounded off, in fact some of the worshippers were already exiting the church, suddenly there were gunshots from outside. The officiating priest has to instruct church workers to lock up the church building. However, though the invaders could not access the church the bullets from their guns wreaked havoc.

According to reports, some yet to be identified gunmen, some say numbering about five, reportedly opened fire in the unarmed worshippers and killed over 25 persons (some unconfirmed sources claimed there may have been as many as 50) in an attack on St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo, headquarters of Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State. By the time the gunmen left and the church authority could open the doors, many corpses were on the ground, while scores of others were wounded and had to be taken to the Federal Medical Centre in the town.

Apart from worshippers, the gunmen also killed passers-by most who were hit by stray bullets.

Reports indicate that the attack occurred during the church’s Sunday service.

According to the story, it was like a movie, the gunmen invaded the church and shot sporadically at the people. Those killed included children and women.

Also, it was stated that when they wanted to abduct the priest they threw dynamite into the church.

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