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New Initiatives Of FMBN In Housing Finance And Development - TELL Magazine

New Initiatives Of FMBN In Housing Finance And Development

The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) was established in 1956, then known as the Nigerian Building Society, NBS, a joint venture of the Commonwealth Development Corporation and the Federal and Eastern governments of Nigeria.

—     It operated to fund individual mortgage loans from savings mobilized from the public. Following the introduction of the Indigenization Policy, the Federal Government, by the Indigenization Act of 1973, undertook 100 % ownership/acquisition of the NBS and consequently renamed it the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.FMBN-housesFMBN-housesFMBN-houses

—     In 1994, the FMBN, with the promulgation of a new FMBN Act 82 [1993] and the Mortgage Institutions Act 53 [1989] was accorded the status of the apex mortgage institution and thus ceded its retail function to an autonomous company, Federal Mortgage Finance Limited, FMFL, which was carved out of the FMBN, itself fully owned by the Federal Government.

—   Bisi-Ogunjobi,-FMBN-Chairman  FMBN is also mandated to Administer and manage the contributory savings scheme known as the National Housing Fund, NHF, established by Act No. 3 of [1992]. The Fund mobilises long-term funds from workers, banks, insurance companies and the Federal Government to advance concessionary loans to its contributors.




FMBN Functions and Business Focus

  • Provide affordable mortgage financing to low and medium income earnersBisi-Ogunjobi,-FMBN-Chairman
  • —Increase national housing stock for mortgage-able assets
  • —Collect, manage and administer the National Housing Fund (NHF)
  • —Improve finance for housing via: Issuing high-quality, low-cost capital market instruments; Attract foreign financing
  • —Expand mortgage financing to the informal sector


Performance Scorecard: NHF Operations (From 1992)


NHF Mortgage Loan Portfolio

Cumulative Approved Loan                     –          N85,921,256,934.76

Cumulative Disbursed                                –       N39,844,914, 747.42

Cumulative Number of Beneficiaries   –              22,246


EDL Loan Portfolio

Cumulative Approved Loan                       –     N109,959,749,336.78

Cumulative Disbursed                                 –     N60,643,701,641.42

Cumulative Number of Houses                 –     36,348

Total Loans Approved                          –    N195,881,006,271.54

Total Loans Disbursed                         –     N100,488,616,388.00


NHF Collection Summary

Cumulative Collections                              –   N106,245,530,027.95

Cumulative Number of Contributors      –   3,772,031

Cumulative Number of Refunds               –  N1,680,421,327.22

Cumulative Number of Beneficiaries      –  73,676

Number of Contributing States                – 28 plus FCT=29

Number of Non-contributing States       – 8


Performance Scorecard: NHF Operations from 1992 to Date

NHF Mortgage Loan Portfolio

Total NHF Approved Loans           = N85,921,256,934.76

Total Amount Disbursed                = N39,844,914,747.42

Which is 46.37 per cent of approval

Notal Number of Beneficiaries     = 22,246

EDL Loan Portfolio

Total Approved EDL Loans           = N109,959,749,336.78

Total Amount Disbursed As EDL Loans           = N60,643,701,641.42 which is 55.15% of Approval

Total Number of Houses Built with EDL Loans =36,348

Total Loans (NHF+ EDL) Approved         =N195,881,006,271.54

Total Loans (NHF = EDL) Disbursed     =N100,488’616,388.00 which is 51.30% of Approval

Total Number of Beneficiaries (NHF + EDL)     = 58,594

NHF Collection Summary

Total NHF Collections        =N106,245,530.027.95

Total Amount Refunded to Retirees = N1,680,421,327.22 which is 1.58 % of Collections

Total Number of NHF Contributors         =3,772,031

Total Number of Refund Beneficiaries =   73,676 which is 1.95% of contributors

Number of Contributing States                 = 28 plus FCT = 29

Number of Non-contributing States         =   8

NHF Operations: Summary

Total Amount Collected to Date                =N106,245,530,027.95

Less Total Loans Disbursed                                = (100,488,616,388.00)

Less Total Amount Refunded to Retirees =     (1,680,412,327.22)

Amount Available for Operations as at Date      =N4,076,501,132.73



  • States participating in the NHF Scheme
  • 1.         Adamawa
  • 2.         Abia
  • 3.         Bauchi
  • 4.         Gombe
  • 5.         Jigawa
  • 6.         Kebbi
  • 7.         Kaduna
  • 8.         Kogi
  • 9.         Katsina
  • 10.      Kwara
  • 11.      Nasarawa
  • 12.      Niger
  • 13.      Plateau
  • 14.      Anambra
  • 15.      Yobe
  • 16.      Bayelsa
  • 17.      Cross River
  • 18.      Delta
  • 19.      Ebonyi
  • 20.      Imo
  • 21.      Rivers
  • 22.      Ogun
  • 23.      Osun
  • 24.      Zamfara
  • 25.      Akwa-Ibom
  • 26.      Enugu
  • 27.      Taraba
  • 28.      Borno
  • 29.      FCT


Business Expansion Initiatives

Partnership with Shelter Afrique

Recently provided an off-taker guarantee to some PMIs for a $10 million long-term credit facility for affordable housing finance

Shelter Afrique providing a single-digit loan to FMBN with a view to increasing the national housing stock and also provide affordable mortgage finance to Nigerians

Discussing partnership with Globus Financial Services LLC, United States

To access a $1 billion 10-year facility to finance affordable houses and infrastructure

Pilot scheme under which FMBN will fund off-takers considered for the following state government and federal institutions:

Business Expansion Initiatives with SINOSURE/ICBC of China

FMBN is discussing with China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) and International Commercial Bank of China (ICBC):

To provide a single digit loan facility of $6 billion for housing development in Nigeria.The loan has a tenure of 15 to 20 years and shall be given directly to Chinese construction firms on instalmental basis of $1.5 billion, who are to build the houses under the supervision of FMBN.

FMBN’S responsibility shall be to create mortgages over the housing units, collect mortgage repayments and use the proceeds of the repayment to pay back the loan over the tenure of the facility.


Goodluck Jonathan Legacy Model Housing Estate

A 1,000-unit staff housing estate at Kagini, FCT,aimed at being a model project for estate development in Nigeria.

Funded by a commercial facility but projected to be delivered at affordable price to FMBN staff and the general public.

Full infrastructural provision (power, water sewage & other utilities)

Partnership with NECA, TUC & NLC

Joint Technical Committee (JTC) in place to work out modalities for housing delivery to Nigerian workers.The JTC submitted its report on Tuesday 7th May, 2013 and recommended a committee of Principal Stakeholders comprising the MD, FMBN; DG, NECA; President NLC; and President TUC is constituted as the implementation committee for the execution of programmes/projects under this MOU.

The report identified several housing development models for adoption which include the Fuller Model, in use in Luvu Nasarawa State; Jigawa Model; Red Brick amongst others.

  • It recommends the enhanced use of alternative Building materials and technologies to reduce cost.
  • Recommends FMBN and NLC/TUC to drive the process of requesting State Governments to provide 5 hectares of land and infrastructure for pilot Housing Scheme in each state.

In order to redress the funding limitations of FMBN the JTC recommends short, medium and long-term solutions some of which include:

  • Increase in the approved capital base of FMBN from N5 billion to N200 billion
  • The joint stakeholders to collectively prevail on states that are not contributing to the NHF to commence contribution.
  • Government should intervene in the housing sector through lump sum financial injection through FMBN
  • Government to impose “Housing Tax” on Oil Majors to support housing delivery in Nigeria.
  • The JTC to persuade CBN to compel banks and insurance companies to comply with provisions of the NHF Act.
  • Recommends Federal Government to facilitate the utilization of investible Pension Funds in housing development.
  • NHF e-Collection Platformis an IT-driven collection platform to capture NHF contributions leverages on IT infrastructure of 23 commercial banks for seamless remittance of NHF deductions to FMBN.


Overcomes deficiencies of manual collection methods:

The platform provides:

  • Instant SMS alerts to contributors
  • Historical and up-to-date record of contributions.

The deployment of the e-collection platform has commenced with a pilot scheme covering MDAs in the FCT.


Innovations & Strategies

The Informal Sector Housing Cooperative Scheme formally launched by the Honourable Minister of LH&UD on 5th December 2011 in Lagos designed to integrate the non-salaried informal sector into the National Housing Fund through cooperative housing organisations to integrate low-income earners such as the artisan, the roadside mechanic, the akara seller on the street corner, the market woman, the taxi drive, among others.

Individuals will contribute and access loans through housing cooperatives for estate construction and mortgage loans.


FMBN Internal Records Office

Created to overcome the challenges in collateralizing loans originated by FMBN

this initiative bears the advantages of circumventing delays resulting from processing of loan documentation and perfection of titles.

The FMBN Internal Land Records Office provides necessary documentation on processed mortgages pending when state and Federal Government Land Registries

  • Issues title documents
  • Grant Consent to mortgages


Loan Recovery

From Dec 2010 to date, a total of N5,776,366,999.88 has been recovered from debtors.

Six individual loans previously non-performing now performing

In addition, the Bank recovered N67.8 million from funds trapped in liquidated Afex Bank Plc with the assistance of NDIC.



Opportunity For Nigerians in Diaspora

Nigerians in Diaspora to have the opportunity to join the NHF Scheme and loan offers.

The strategy is to provide an avenue for Nigerians outside the country to make their monthly contributions to the NHF Scheme.

Equally, the programme will allow overseas contributors to take mortgage loans through these PMIs to finance houses of their choice.

2. Review of legal and legislative framework to ease transactions in housing property, property and lien registration as well as lien enforcement.Bills for the amendment or replacement of laws currently with the National Assembly :

  • Bill to Replace the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria Act 1993;
  • Bill to Replace the Mortgage Institutions Act 1989;
  • Bill to Amend the Insurance Act 2003;
  • Bill to Amend the Trustee Investment Act;
  • Bill to Enact the Residential Mortgages Act and;
  • Bill to Enact the Residential Mortgages (Tax Relief) Act.

–Review of the Land Act Use1978 critical

–Land Registry practices to support timely and cost-effective transactions

3. Non-Compliance with the NHF Act.

  • Defaulting Body Corporate

Commercial banks (10% of loans & advances)

Insurance companies (20% of nonlife funds, 40% of life funds)

  • Defaulting States

Lagos, Kano, Sokoto, Benue, Ondo, Ekiti, Edo and Oyo

4. Provision of Infrastructure to Estate Sites – to reduce cost of housing delivery

5. Macroeconomic Support

  • Low interest rate regime (preferably single-digit)
  • Controlled inflation
  • Increased savings to pool long term funds
  • Tax and incentives for mortgage financing by banks
  • Review of Prudential Guidelines in line with international best practice




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