Nigerians on Twitter Call Out Ovation Publisher, Dele Momodu Over $20k Bet with Okupe on 2015 Presidential Poll

Dele Momodu and Dr. Doyin Okupe Photo
Dele Momodu and Dr. Doyin Okupe

Popular journalist, and chief executive officer, CEO/ publisher of Ovation International magazine, Dele Momodu, on Monday set the social media abuzz when he tweeted on how he took a $20,000 bet with Dr. Doyin Okupe, former presidential aide, who had sworn it was impossible for then incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan to lose the 2015 presidential election. As it turned out, Jonathan lost to the candidate of the main opposition party, General Muhammadu Buhari, of the All Progressives Congress, APC. But six years after, Okupe had failed to pay up. The tweet elicited divergent reactions from some Nigerians who expressed anger and disappointment that the Ovation boss was one of those who voted for Buhari and thus responsible for the country’s present travails. Some others were however simply amused by the tweet.

Taking to his twitter handle @DeleMomodu, at 7.44 p.m. 31 May 21, the businessman and motivational speaker wrote: “My great Egbon, DR DOYIN OKUPE had a bet of $20k with me seven years ago when he swore it was impossible for President Goodluck Jonathan to lose 2015 Presidential election…I will continue to demand my payment Sir. 7.44 p.m 31 May 21 51 Retweets 10 Quote Tweets 533 Likes as of June 1, 2021 at 2 pm.

Replying, Christopher Gabriel @Christo03202075 said “Yes sir, you bet him @GEJonathan out and now we are enjoy the nemesis that was bet into Power. Thanks to all that did this to Nigeria”

In another tweet, he said “The elder state men knew the history of blood thirsty wicked herder and dictator. Yet they packaged him and sold him the Nemesis to us. I am hurt.”

Below are few of other reactions.

Ikudayisi Johnson Olawale @IkudayisiJ said “So Bashorun (Momodu) was amongst those who brought Buhari to finally annihilate Nigerians”. Mozes With The Rod wrote “In one word you voted for Buhari”.

Sane@Laure901’s response was “With a $20k bet, you hustled really hard to oust @GEJonathan and land us in the mess we are today…Ovation please!!!”

Steven Emmanuel Ayantola @ayan_steven wrote: “Did Jonathan lose the 2015 elections? I don’t think so”.

Elvis Patriach @ABganasquare replied “Exactly what I asked too. Yes, his popularity in 2011 plunged, but not as bad as 2015. If we still have morals and utterances & conducts around that election were weighed on morality, GMB didn’t even come close to winning. GEJ simply chose peace over war”.

Okee Michael @Okeemichael: “Today, Nigerians are a ski Buhari to take them back to 2015”. In another tweet, he said “This is the result. Every election has its consequences.

Nigeria Under Buhari’s Watch in 6 YEARS

Key indicator

jerry jery@jerryjery8 responded: “Yes very true!! But we were so relaxed to go out n vote!!! Although vote never counts!!! And now we are suffering and smiling!!…”

Ola55 @Oyero551 said “Sir, you need to compensate me for misleading me to vote PMB”u

Nsikan Patrick @nsikanadaowo “That bet made us vote amis, now we’re crying premium tears”.

And while some insisted Momodu should collect his bet from Okupe, some others advised him to let go. Alo Myk @alo said “Collect your money from him uncle Dele” but on his part, Cicerone @ciceroxandros said “Let it go Sir. He was young then and didn’t know what he was doing”. Olu @aoluwabunmi said “He go pay take him to court”.

Gbebe #EndBadGovernance @AdebisiToyib even suggested that “The conversion 2 use will be the rate of dollar them (then) sir” while ABDUL-ABDUL @alawuyan16 would not mind a share of the bet, replying “Please sir I pray he give you o but don’t forget me here too”.

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