Second Blast Hit Kaduna

Barely two hours after a bomb blast killed no fewer than 25 persons this afternoon at Isa Kaita road, a city center in Kaduna, along the popular Murtala Square, another bomb has just exploded in the Kawo area of the city.

The first bomb was reportedly concealed in a red Volkswagen golf car and was believed to have been targeted at Dahiru Bauchi, a prominent Islamic cleric who is known to be a critic of Boko Haram, Nigeria terrorist sect.

However, Bauchi who was conducting prayers at the time the blast occurred left the scene unhurt. A blast has earlier occurred near his Kaduna home in June leaving one person injured.

Reports say the second blast was also concealed in a Volkswagen golf car. Casualty figures from the second blast in Kawo was yet to be ascertained but reports say the area has been cordoned off by security agents and emergency relief workers.

Although it is not yet clear who is behind the attack, it is believed it could be no other than Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist sect that has continually launched attacks in different locations, especially against those who condemn its ideology.



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