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The Land Swap Districts

The Land Swap Districts

For the trial run of the Land Swap Initiative, the FCT chose Phase IV (South), a Greenfield district, where no allocation of land has been made. This choice is deliberate; it is the only phase in the original Abuja master plan that is undeveloped. The only technical document on the phase at the inception of

Actualising the Dream Capital City

The Land Swap Initiative may soon concretise the vision of Abuja as a true modern capital city   A modern capital city in the 21st century must be one with state-of-the-art infrastructure – roads, water supply, underground electrical and sewage connections, telecommunication, health, education, recreation and security facilities, and many more. Building this kind of

The New Vision

In the face of dwindling federal allocation and increasing infrastructure deficit, the federal capital administration formulated the land swap policy to leverage on private funding to develop the capital city     When Bala Mohammed assumed office as Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Minister in April 6, 2010, what he met on ground was daunting. “I

Basic Terms of Relationship

  To ensure that its objectives in the land swap policy are realised and also guarantee investors’ confidence and buy-in, the FCTA through the Abuja Infrastructure Investment Centre, AIIC, set out 11 strict guidelines for participation in the policy. These guidelines ensure that all apprehension about bureaucracy by the investors are taken care of to

The Story of Abuja

From 1975 when the idea was conceived till 2014, Abuja has been an unfolding story of unity, beauty, business and power  By ANAYOCHUKWU AGBO Abuja is an engaging story of an evolving mega polis, says Bala Mohammed, minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT. Every minister and every president add some chapters to the tale,

‘Abuja Beats Dubai in Infrastructure’

By Tajudeen Suleiman and Nicholas Uwerunonye Adamu Alfa Abu, a fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and Director of Engineering Services, Federal Capital Development Authority, says what has made Abuja a special city is the quality infrastructure provided   What does the Engineering Department do? The Engineering Department is fundamentally charged with the responsibility of

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