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Google To Shutdown Buttercoin

Google To Shutdown Buttercoin

Google Ventures and Y Combinator backed bitcoin exchange startup Buttercoin, is shutting down this month, after failing to raise new investment. According to a note on buttercoin website, the company states that it will be turning off its service on Friday, April 10, 2015 and asked its users to move their bitcoins to another service

Google Launches Twitter Takeover Bid

There are reports that Google may launch a takeover bid for Twitter, the micro-blogging site whose share value is now put at $1bn. Google was identified as one of the two companies, believed to have contacted Twitter with “serious” interest. The micro-blogging site has reportedly hired Goldman Sachs as an adviser to spurn the advances.

Solar Impulse Plane On Second Leg Trip

The historic Solar Impulse Plane has crossed the Arabian Sea on the second leg of its epic attempt to fly around the world. After the briefest of layovers, the prop-driven plane took off from Muscat in Oman at 06.35 (02:35 GMT) on Tuesday. It is heading across the Arabian Sea to Ahmedabad in India. Project

Google Reinvents Mobile Smartphones

United States Internet giants, Google, is trying to reinvent mobile smartphones that slots together piece by piece like lego, as most phone makers are making sleeker handsets. Google, aims to challenge its rival Apple’s thin iPhones product with the Google Ara project, giving knowledgeable smartphone builders the option to build their phone themselves. The Ara

BOLFYNG Launches e-Procurement Solution 

To bridge the vast gap between stakeholders involved in the process of tendering and contract bidding, Bids Online For You Limited, BOLFYNG, has launched an electronic procurement solution platform. Yinka Sorinwa, business development director of the company, explained that the platform provides web based portal that enables purchasing organisations to manage and streamline procurement processes

Ericsson Demands Apple Ban in US

Ericsson, Swedish multinational communications technology and service provider, has filed two complaints with the US International Trade Commission and seven other lawsuits in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas against Apple, its counterpart in the communications technology industry. Ericsson sued the iPad and iPhone maker, alleging that a total of 41

Wiko Mobile Debuts in Nigeria

Wiko Mobile, a France-based mobile phone maker, established its presence in Lagos on Wednesday. The company, which offered 10 models from its extensive range of smart phones and feature phones, said it decided to explore Africa’s largest economy because its brand positioning represents a perfect match with Nigeria’s predominantly young population as well as the

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