Tinubu Promises to Restore Nigeria’s Pride

Tinubu Promises to Restore Nigeria's Pride
Tinubu Promises to Restore Nigeria’s Pride

Bola Tinubu, president-elect has said that he would work on the divisions in Nigeria. In his acceptance speech, the former governor of Lagos State and candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC in the February 25 presidential election said those divisions should not have been there in the first place. He therefore said that Nigerians would in years to come be proud that they gave him their mandate at the election.

Hear him: “Yes, there are divisions amongst us that should not exist. Many people are uncertain, angry and hurt; I reach out to every one of you. Let the better aspects of our humanity step forward at this fateful moment. Let us begin to heal and bring calm to our nation.” In the meantime, Tinubu pleaded with any aggrieved opponent to use the legal means to seek redress rather than take to the street.

Conscious of the commitment of the youth during the electoral exercise, the president-elect said, “Now, to you, the young people of this country, I hear you loud and clear. I understand your pains, your yearnings for good governance, a functional economy and a safe nation that protects you and your future.”

That is a recognition of the movement led by the young population for a change in the leadership of the country from which Peter Obi, candidate of Labour Party has been the greatest beneficiary in this year’s presidential election.

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