The Transformation of Shinkafi Local Government Area

Governor Abubakar Has Etched His Name in Gold

–      Hon. Usman Ajiya Shinkafi, Chairman of Shinkafi Local Government


MUTTAKA-RINIIt is on record that His Excellency, Dr. Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar’s zeal, sincerity, patriotism and purposeful leadership qualities have won him many accolades and global recognition as an astute democrat and a world-class social engineer who has engendered the best administration and economic transformation ever recorded in the history of Zamfara State.

As an admirer of Governor Abubakar, (Shatiman Mafara), development efforts and following in his footsteps, the Chairman of Shinkafi Local Government, LG, Hon Usman Ajiya Shinkafi, (Sarkin Yamman Shinkafi), with the support of his council members and the co-operation of the good people of the LG, has through his achievement in office, given a lift to the local council.

Hon Shinkafi was born in Shinkafi in 1959. He had his primary education at Shinkafi, before he got admission to Government Teachers’ College, Tambuwal and completed his Teachers’ Training Programme in 1981. In the same year, Hon Shinkafi was employed by Nigerian Security Organisation and he served in various places including the State Headquarters in Sokoto. His last point of duty was the chief security office to the former President Shehu Shagari.

He later joined politics following serious pressure from his people. In fact Hon. Shinkafi was reluctant but had to succumb to the pressure and entered into the muddy water of politics and he is now the chairman of Shinkafi LG.

When asked to assess Governor Abubakar, Hon. Shinkafi says “All over Zamfara State and in all spheres of lives of the citizens, His Excellency, Hon. Dr. Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar has etched his name in gold”. He also espoused on his achievements, challenges and other important issues. Excerpts:


As Chairman of Shinkafi LG what ways have you infleunced your people?

At the beginning, I am proud to say that I have been doing everything possible to assist people from this LG to go into military and paramilitary careers. I assisted 69 indigenes and they were recruited as soldiers, 20 in police with others in Navy, Air Force among other forces. Education being the bedrock of every development we have been making frantic efforts to encourage our people to go to tertiary institutions. For example I bought and distributed 40 JAMB forms freely to indigenes. We again encouraged 100 students studying at Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, T/Mafara, and over 20 students studying at the State College of Agriculture, Bakura.

How do you cater for the welfare of your people?

We do give assistance to anybody who deserves to be assisted throughout the LG irrespective of who you are. We do assist women with medical problems even if it requires taking them out of the LG to either Gusau or Sokoto for proper medical attention. We also care for the less privilege people especially women whereby we give to them milling machine so that they can make a living out of that.

How would you assess Governor Abubakar?

All over Zamfara State and in all spheres of lives of its citizens, His Excellency, Hon. Dr. Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar has etched his name in gold.I have never seen someone like him, and to crown it all he is a workaholic. He provides social amenities in all nook and cranny of the state. His Transformation Agenda is good. He constructed roads all over the state. He provided health facilities, equally constructed many schools all over the state.

The sympathetic Governor also provides welfare during the last fasting period and distributed (zakkat) to the less priviledged in the state. The Governor again gives 100 people in the 14 LGs the sum of N100,000 as zakkat.

One major challenge Nigeria and almost all states are facing now is the issue of insecurity. What efforts have you made to enhance security in your LG?

Well we are doing our best to curtail the problem of insecurity in the LG. We provide fuel and other logistics to security personnel’s so that they can move on patrol without hindrances. Wherever the hint of insecurity is reported in the LG we immediately swing into action through the security personnel.

What are your experiences in politics?

You know as a military personnel, I had a different training. As a force man we obey order. If we can borrow a leaf from foreign countries, things would have been better. This will make us practice politics without bitterness.

What is your advice to your people?

I will ask my people to reciprocate these good gestures by voting us into office for the second time so that more good will come their ways.

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