More Trouble for Bill Cosby

The last has obviously not been heard of the sexual assault saga involving Bill Cosby as not even the fact of his bad eyesight has, at least for now, made his traducers rethink their decisions on him. For years, Cosby has battled allegations of unlawfully having sexual relations with women, a charge he denies. In continuation of the litany of lawsuits, Cosby’s attorney filed a notice of appeal to the superior court of Pennysylvania to compel one of them, Andrea Constand, against her will, to testify in person at a preliminary hearing to the sexual assault charge against him. Beyond that, Cosby, who has totally gone blind, wants the case dismissed or delayed. The former TV star is billed to appear in court for his pre-trial on September 6 but has denied drugging Constant for the purpose of having carnal knowledge of her. He insists that contrary to Constand’s stand, what they had was consensual. The Pennsylvania Superior Court rejected the argument of Cosby’s lawyers but the state Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal on the matter. That will likely be in September.

By Charity Godwin

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