US, Nigeria Partner To Fight Bird Flu

As part of moves to prevent further spread of bird flu in Nigeria, the United States, US has through its Agency for International Development, USAID, sponsored the training of relevant stakeholders on how best to control the disease in the country.

Apart from a similar workshop held in Kano State recently, about 160 people from the Federal Ministries of Agriculture and Health and the poultry sector were trained in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Monday on how to control the disease.

There had been reported cases of bird flu outbreak in some parts of Nigeria in recent times.

According to a statement released from the Communications unit of the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, the USAID/Nigeria union will contribute personal protective equipment, surveillance gear, and disinfectants to concerned authorities.

“The United States is bringing supplies and training as part of our contribution to fight bird flu; but we cannot do it alone,” the statement read.

“The ability of Nigeria to quickly detect and respond to avian influenza will be enhanced by the partnerships, platforms, and knowledge built over the past decade,” Jeffery Hawkins, US Consul General in Lagos State said in a speech at the event.

Avian influenza is a viral disease that largely infects birds, but rarely infects humans. Human cases of the disease infection are largely associated with contact with infested live or dead poultry globally.

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