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The Wreckage Foretold

The Wreckage Foretold

Nigeria now equates to a new definition of extreme chaos in all its frightening dimensions and calamitous ramifications. A country betrayed by its Lilliputian leaders and short-sighted effete elites. It was Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State, who repeatedly warned weeks before the 2015 general elections that Nigerians would be boarding “a one-chance bus” if

Trump's Nigerian Wailing Wailers Photo

Trump’s Nigerian Wailing Wailers

It’s now official. Nigeria has slid into another recession after two consecutive quarters of economic contraction. Hardly surprising. Even those who’re not economists saw it coming. The corona pandemic and its unprecedented global economic dislocation guaranteed it for Nigeria. And even more so because we’ve had an inept and clueless government led by a president

Yellow Card Photo

A Yellow Card For The Rulers

Change can be both evolutionary and revolutionary. When it’s slow, steady and constructive, that’s evolution. When it’s rapid, even sudden, and transformative in a positive way, that’s revolution. But revolution is oftentimes violent in changing a nation’s political landscape. And it usually happens when all the institutions of the state have failed and the leadership

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