Burundi Coup: Rival Soldiers Battle For Supremacy

Rival groups of soldiers in Burundi are battling for control of the capital Bujumbura amid confusion over the success of an attempted coup.

There is heavy fighting at the state radio building, where broadcasts have been going on and off air.

Witnesses say soldiers loyal to President Pierre Nkurunziza controlled key areas, including the airport, while coup leaders insist that they remain in charge of the country.

The unrest began when Nkurunziza announced he was seeking a third term of office, a move that is at variance with the position of Burundi’s constitution.

The whereabouts of the president is now unknown, as he has since left Tanzania where he went to brief members of the African Union, AU on the crisis in his country regarding his third term bid as at the time the coup was declared.

Meanwhile, the African Union Peace And Security Council will convene an emergency meeting on Thursday to consider deliberating on the situation in Burundi.

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