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When the going was tough, particularly when the country was under the jackboots, and many media companies played safe, we took up the gauntlet. We mined for hidden facts so we could expose the mischief of the powerful, speak for the voiceless and save our country. We risked our freedom to force dictators to release democracy from bondage. Our bravery was focused and nationalistic. We dared with facts. We were the reference point, the medium that was the source for many other media. Then we enjoyed the support given us with your patronage of our flagship, TELL MAGAZINE.

That courage to dare the powerful and the feared remains with us, and so is the credibility.

But the cost of digging for hidden facts in the den of the powerful and the feared, which is the hallmark of investigative journalism, is, to say the least, very high.

Nigeria is at a crossroads, and her fragile democracy is becoming endangered.

That is why we are seeking your token of support so that we can continue to engage in the robust and objective journalism that TELL is reputed for.

Support the medium that dares for the good of all!

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