Can Buhari Solve the Subsidy Logjam?

Tell-Cover-Design-20The fuel scarcity that started towards the end of last month lingered last week, thus increasing stress to the pockets and the health of Nigerians. The tango between petroleum products marketers and the outgoing government even compounded the pains on the people. This is because it remains unresolved, and that with little consideration for consumers of the products.

What that does to you is that even after government claims to have paid a substantial part of the subsidy fund, you still buy fuel at an unregulated high rate per litre. But compatriots who have run out of fuel abandoned their vehicles at filling stations, some of which either had no fuel or were waiting till night to sell at exorbitant prices to desperate consumers. So whatever little quantity you buy at high rate also gets endangered in the traffic caused by such queues. That works for the marketers, because you will have to return to buy more, if you have the means.

The story is the same across the country. And the concern is that this ugly situation will persist until Muhammadu Buhari, president-elect, assumes office. Will he continue the tradition of subsidy? There are chances that he will not do so, considering a lot of factors. What are those factors? Then what happens if he ignores them?

Salif Atojoko, deputy general editor, business and special projects, working on reports from colleagues, wrote the story, Can Buhari Solve the Subsidy Logjam? That is the cover in this edition.

The special report is an appraisal of the 7th National Assembly. The story – Rich Assembly, Poor Laws – is a product of weeks of reporting by Tajudeen Suleiman, senior associate editor. How much was the parliament able to do in the last four years in the area of law making and oversight functions? Legislators beat their chests over their mandate. We, however, leave you to form your opinion, after reading the story.

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