Don’t Play Politics with Insecurity Challenge, Abdulsalami warns Politicians

General Abdusalami Abubakar, a former military Head of State has urged Nigerian politicians to desist from playing politics with the core challenges that are presently facing the country.

He called on politicians and all Nigerians to have the best interest of the country at heart, rather than playing politics with issues like security and unemployment that is presently prevalent in Nigeria.

The former head of state madethe call todayat the launch of the “The Cable”, an onlinenewspaper outfit at the City Hall, Lagos Island Lagos.

To start the discussion on ‘Nigeria @100:Reflections on the Future’, at the event, Abdusalami who was the chairman of the event, said he believes that all Nigerians have a duty to fight the common challenges facing the nation.

“It is in our common interest as a people to have a peacefulnation; if Nigeria is safe and secure, it is for the benefit of everyone” he said.

General Abdusalami also appealed to citizens to put Nigeria first at all times and look forward to a better Nigeria.

“We must all be part of the solutions to our current challenges,” he said while urgingall politicians in the country to emulate their American counterparts who put their nation first rather than the party or personal interest.

He saidprior to elections in the United States, politicians affiliate with their political parties either as a Republican or as a Democrat, but when elections are over, they go back to being Americans who work for the common interest of the country.

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