European Spacecraft Lands On Comet 10 Years After Takeoff

After a decade of flying through space, the European spaceship, Philae, has landed on the rugged terrain of a Comet 300 million miles from Earth.

This was confirmed by scientists at the European Space Agency main control room in Germany on Wednesday.

The scientists said they received a signal from the washing-machine-sized lander through a radio signal.

With the landing, Philae becomes the first spacecraft to make a safe landing on a Comet.

This success is said to give scientists unequalled insights into the target Comet said to be a 4-billion-year-old world of dust and ice that holds secrets to the origins of the solar system.

Andrea Accomazzo, operations manager of Philae’s mother ship, Rosetta spacecraft, said the success is well deserved because all had been done to ensure the landing.

“We have done all we could to make this a success,” she said.

Rosetta and Philae made the 10-year trip from earth to the Comet together and stayed with it to keep sharp watch as the lander heads for the surface.

Stephan Ulamec, Philae’s lander manager said the lander has begun sending science data to Rosetta, which is relaying the data to earth.

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