They Give No Hoot of Who Done It



It is an understatement that corruption has reached a crisis point in Nigeria. The people have seen camels pass through the eye of the needle in this country. It is hopeless when people realize that injustice pervades the realm that should be the final arbiter.

They say the law is an ass. There is no doubting the beauty of the essence of the rule of law. But laws, some hold, are made by the bourgeoisie to keep the oppressed under their control. There are natural laws, which indisputably, are unimpeachable because of their relativity to life.

The fat cats who bend the law to hold the people in bondage are oblivious of the scorn with which they are treated in hushed voices by the public until the center suddenly collapses.

The revolt against the European Union in Britain was frankly a vote of no confidence in the elite, which if not properly managed, would have led to a revolution.

Britain’s Premier Theresa May in her speech to her party confirmed that fear at their conference recently.

She said: “It was a vote not just to change Britain’s relationship with the European Union but to call for a change in the way our country works — and the people for whom it works — forever”.

“If we don’t respond — if we don’t take this opportunity to deliver the change people want — resentments will grow. Divisions will become entrenched. And that will be a disaster for Britain”, she added. She has moved to the center to side with the people, sounding very socialist.

When the elites abuse the process of law and the people become hopeless, the result is the rule of the jungle, which we have seen metamorphosed in Boko Haram, kidnapping, assassination, suicide bombing and so forth. Was it not joblessness, deprivation of basic rights, uncaring governance, and other anti-social behaviours by the elite that gave cause to the disorder that overtook Nigeria in the 16years of the PDP’s rule?

The State Security Service operatives are to be heard and not to be seen in intelligence parlance. They have no business with crime detection that does not involve state security. Even then, they are supposed to be shadowy, leaving the police to effect arrests, which is outside the province of their legal schedule because they cannot prosecute. That is for the Attorney-General and the Inspector-General of Police, who in law can interpret criminal breaches, especially in felony and misdemeanour.

The law setting up the SSS has not been changed to make it a police or an armed force. Seeing the operatives wear “DSS” is a defeat of the very purpose for which the service was created. DSS does not exist in law, but SSS does because no one can change any act with executive fiat. Please, SSS, return to your shadowy status and spare the intelligence community of the odium the PDP’s Gestapo spread between 1999 and 2015.

Be that as it may, the SSS has a duty to prevent economic sabotage. Should anybody turn his home to a court of law or the bank?

For the first time since President Muhammadu Buhari took office, one has seen Nigerians; the preponderant hoi polloi, speak in one voice in support of him — the raids on the houses of some judges. The involvement of the SSS may seem contradictory to the elite eyes, but the people, surprisingly, back them. The withdrawal of the forgery charge against the Senate President and his deputy had kept millions of tongues wagging, expressing disapproval.

But the raids on some judges’ houses, rewarding in large hauls of currencies of different countries in varying denominations, reassured them that Buhari is still on track to fight corruption. They give no hoot about who done it..

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