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EU Commission seeks solutions to Migration crisis

EU Commission seeks solutions to Migration crisis

The current migrant crisis rocking Europe has assumed another dimension, as Hungarian government has stopped migrants headed for Germany and other European countries from proceeding in their journey. Instead, the government camped them at Budapest’s Keleti train station, where they had purchased tickets to continue with their journey. This development has led to a wave

EU To Destroy Boats Used for Human Smuggling

European Union Foreign and Defense ministers are today expected to approve a mission to destroy the boats used by people-smugglers operating in war-torn Libya. At a meeting, which will take place in Brussels, the ministers will also discuss the mission’s command-and-control structure. The move is part of the EU’s response to the vast number of

EU Court Wants Hamas Removed From Terror List

A top European Union Court has ruled that the Palestinian Islamist group, Hamas, should be removed from the bloc’s terrorist list. The court said the ruling was a technical move and does not imply that Hamas’ classification as a terrorist group should be changed only that evidence for putting it on the list should be

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