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EU Commission seeks solutions to Migration crisis

EU Commission seeks solutions to Migration crisis

The current migrant crisis rocking Europe has assumed another dimension, as Hungarian government has stopped migrants headed for Germany and other European countries from proceeding in their journey. Instead, the government camped them at Budapest’s Keleti train station, where they had purchased tickets to continue with their journey. This development has led to a wave

Like Greece, like Nigeria

Greeks spoke loud enough to tell the world that their land fathered Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. They reminded the world that they are no feeding-bottle people to be guided by so-called supra-national bodies whose assistance benefits the banks and the trading class. They will take their fate in their hands and weather battles of want

Greece to Hold A Bailout Referendum

This Sunday, July 5, Greece will hold a referendum to determine whether or not the country needs another bailout to sustain its collapsing economy. This becomes necessary following the dead lock in the country’s cash-for-reforms deal with the eurozone after months of negotiations to extend the Greek bailout beyond June 30. The government of Prime

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