Kano Voters Say Police Hinder Voting

Some voters have alleged that police in Kano are mounting roadblocks to stop people from reaching their polling units. A voter who cast his vote at Gidan Hausawa polling unit told the reporter that police are stopping voters from looking for their polling units. “Three people have called to tell me they were stopped from coming to vote. They called me from three different parts of the city. They are looking for their polling unit. Some of them did not register in their area of residence” Abdullahi Garba said. Story by Tajudeen Suleiman / Kano

Wakil Muhammed, Commissioner of police, told TELL that he would send his men to confirm the allegation. He however said the police would enforce the no-movement order.”I will send my men to confirm. But don’t forget their is a no-movement order in place”

Voters on queue at Gidan  Hausawa polling unit in Kano at 8am
Voters on queue at Gidan Hausawa polling unit in Kano at 8am

Late Arrival of Materials in Some Polling stations in Kano: INEC officials, electoral materials yet to arrive Mangwan Primary school unit at 8.57am. The unit is located in Nasarawa local govt. Early turnout in Kano. Voters came out as early as 5am in some parts of the metropolis like Nasarawa, Tundunwada and Kano city. Story by Tajudeen Suleiman

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