Merck Launches Portable HIV/AIDS Monitoring Device

Muse Auto  CD4/CD4% System

Muse Auto CD4/CD4% System

Merck,an international pharmaceutical and chemical company has launched Muse Auto CD4/CD4% System, a portable tool for monitoring progression of HIV/AIDS virus in Nigerian adults and children. The launch was held on Wednesday in Lagos. While explaining the relevance of the device Udit Batra,president, Merck’s Life Science Business noted that Muse CD4/CD4% System will enable health professionals in Nigeria,especially in the rural areas,to be more effective in their response to the healthcare needs of their patients and make progress towards the treatment,cure and prevention of HIV/AIDS. He added that for people infected with HIV,CD4 cells provide an indication of the disease’s progression. ” In the cure of HIV infection,CD4 cells indicate the start of the immune system and act as markers for T cell lymphocytes.” Patients with a low count of these cells in their blood are at increased risk of opportunistic infections.” According to Philippe Durbiano, area manager, Middle East,North And West Africa,the Muse system is designed to be easily portable and operational with minimal training,making it ideal solution for clinics serving patients living in remote areas. He added that several clinical trials have been carried out with the environmentally-friendly device. “The outputs were successful in both adults and children”,he said. The event also featured the launching of Merck office in Nigeria. Merk was founded in 1668,making it the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company.

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