Oyedepo Advocates Better Communication

David ‎ Oyedepo,‎ the pastor of Living Faith Church and Chancellor, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, has emphasised the importance of clarity in communication among Nigerians. He said this at the 8th inaugural lecture of Covenant  University which held today at the university chapel. Oyedepo said understanding  the meaning of information, is vital to “maintaining a good relationship and making the right decisions in life.” He further pointed out that

David ‎ Oyedepo Photo

David ‎ Oyedepo

Christopher Awonuga, professor of Statistics, department of Languages and General Studies, Covenant University who delivered the lecture titled, What Does This Text Mean? Stylistics and the Process of Interpretation”, described Stylistics as a branch of linguistics that concentrates on variation in the use of language. He said many‎ have misused the use of English Language which has made understanding difficult. In order for a speaker or writer to make sense, he must communicate a particular meaning to his listeners, he said.

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