Pine Pollen: The Secret of Longevity


Pine pollen

Pine pollen

Ever heard of pine pollen? Well, it is one of nature’s premier superfoods, which contains natural testosterone, in addition to androgens. Pine pollen benefits are well known these days in the “superfood world” as a nutritive adaptogen tonic powder collected from various pine tree species and consumed as a dietary supplement.

Containing both testosterone and DHEA, pine pollen can be extremely helpful for boosting both endocrine and immune functions.

In his book, Pine Pollen: Ancient Medicine for a Modern World, Stephen Harrod Buhner said, “In short, pine pollen is a potent source of natural androgens, including testosterone androgen mimics, it is a great nutritional source, especially of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and it is an excellent general tonic for the human body, useful in preventing or alleviating a number of conditions common to aging.”

Other benefits of pine pollen, apart from boosting testosterone, include prostrate regulation, because it contains a sterol called Gibberlins, which regulates the size of the prostate. In addition, it stimulates anti-viral activity and helps rid the body of foreign chemicals.

Pine pollen has also been noted to improve fertility, erectile dysfunction and sperm count, because it contains the amino acid, Arginine which a precursor for nitric oxide which helps increase blood flow to the penis.

The pollen is considerably more potent as an extract when taken for these purposes and is specifically useful for middle-aged adults between 40-50 years.

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