Amaechi’s Test of Popularity?


Chibuike Amaechi

The celebrant called it a gathering to test his popularity, opposition saw it as a gathering of rented crowd, party loyalists claimed it was a huge turnout of supporters.

But no matter what anyone may say, the 40,000-capacity Rivers State stadium at Igwuruta received more than it was built for on Saturday, October 25, during Governor Chibuike Amaechi’s mega rally to celebrate the 7th edition of the Supreme Court judgment that sacked the Celestine Omehia government and enthroned him as the governor as the oil-rich state without campaigning for a single vote!

Ibim Semenitari, Rivers State commissioner for Information, put the figure this way: “40,000 seated, 40,000 standing, 56,000 outside the stadium” for lack of space.

As far as the APC, where the governor belongs, is concerned, the 2015 governorship election is a done deal. But pundits say legacies are not transferable, in that indigenes of the state may not vote for the APC standard-bearer simply on the basis of Amaechi’s popularity and performance. For others, it is the choice of candidate that will count ultimately.


Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi dancing


Chibuike Rotiimi Amaechi praying to God


Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi making his speech


Tele-Ikuru, Deputy Governor of Rivers State


Ibim Semenitari, Commissioner of Information


Supporters thronged Rivers State Stadium, Igwuruta for the mega rally


Mammoth crowd at the 40,000 capacity Abiekie A..-Rivers-State-Stadium, Igwuruta

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