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Yawning Credibility Gap in Media

President Muhammadu Buhari spoke frankly to Nigeria without frills and embellishment. It took one back memory lane and invoked the images of men like Obalemi Awolowo, Nwafor Orizu, Humphrey Omo-Osagie, Adegoke Adelabu, Aminu Kano, Michael Okpara and Murtala Muhammed in public life. Like personages just mentioned, Buhari did not make empty promises. He was down-to-earth

Need for New Agenda

One reminisces events of the dying 2015 with mixed feelings. To recollect the many odious happenings of the year is to push President Muhammadu Buhari to race hell-for-leather to mete severe justice to those who have degraded Nigeria so badly with unimaginable brigandage. Their names are: Theft, larceny, stealing, looting, pillaging and accessory to those

Privatisation’s Swan Song

One tires of the insipid froth in defence of a crooked plot gone awry, specifically the Nigerian privatisation fiasco. The foreign marketers of the product have since quietly stopped the barn-storming crusade from Washington, but not the insecure middlemen in Nigeria, who are still waddling in their tomfoolery. I exposed long ago that the World

Waiting for Buhari’s Axe

President Muhammadu Buhari must come to our rescue. Telephone service providers are wringing our necks. One Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, a rent collector, is breaking our backs. Both illegally extort customers. They receive money for services not rendered. It is more than that as you find in stories I swear to tell with no embellishment

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