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Agony of a Black Woman

Agony of a Black Woman

The burden of life gets heavier as you get older, and as a woman, I can boldly say it gets even heavier for me. Depending on where you did or are doing your own growing up, the burden also takes a different dimension. Growing up as a Caucasian woman in Europe or America is considerably

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Suicide and Depression: The Nigerian Context

This topic does not rank in anyone’s top ten favorite topics for pleasant discussion with friends or family. It’s not an easy lift. It gets even heavier when you are personally or even remotely affected. The best we can do at all times is to have a good dose of empathy when discussing this topic.

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The Mirror in Our Bathroom, Chimamanda

A quick disclaimer; I’m yet to read any of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s books. I have read a few of her articles (like the one she wrote about Michelle Obama’s speech), and I have also watched a number of her speeches online. I have observed from a comfortable distance, and I have been excited, intrigued, miffed,

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