Hello! Hello!! Is That The New NITEL?

For Tony Manuaka, senior associate editor, business reporting is a way of life. Here in the newsroom he is one of those who have the task of watching the health of the economy. That was why when the Bureau of Public Enterprises, BPE finally sold the Nigeria Telecommunications Limited, NITEL the editorial board asked him to look at what inspired the interest of NATCOM, the new investors, in an enterprise that was taken for dead.

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Hello! Hello!! Is That the New NITEL

We also asked him to find out what the new owners are bringing to the table. We wanted to know what the new NITEL will do differently and how it will add value to the telecoms revolution in Nigeria. He travelled to Abuja, among other places talking to the investors and players in the sector. It was tough, but he got results. Each time he reported back his findings the board was convinced that there was something beyond the ordinary coming from the new entrants to the telecoms market.

Then something happened: President Muhammadu Buhari commissioned an inquiry into the sale of the company. We got curious and so decided to hold the story so we could do more reporting. Truly, attempts to sell NITEL have always swum in controversy. But by the last exercise, most people assumed that the jinx was finally broken.

So what is this latest review about? Manuaka and his team spiced that with what the new investors plan to dazzle Nigerians with.  These are what make the story, Hello! Hello!! Is That The New NITEL? a compelling read.

Away from the telecoms sector is an issue in automobile. At the root of this is the policy by the Lagos state government to improve on the environment and put in place what it calls ‘world class infrastructure’. It wants to rebuild the popular Ladipo Spare Parts Market. That sounds like a noble idea, except that traders, perhaps drawing on the experience of people in similar circumstances in the past, suspect foul play. The result is a growing suspicion and resistance of government decision.

Mark Itsibor, one of our hardworking reporters, dug into the issue, and came up with Tango Over Spare Parts Market.

These stories form the gateway to the package we have for you this week.

Stay blessed.

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