Urban Mobility: Elektroroller To The Rescue

A revolutionary mode of mobility is gaining acceptance across many German cities. The Elektroroller is environment-friendly; requires no fuel, no pollution, or emissions. It is silent and can attain speeds up to 32 Km/h

By nature Germans are pragmatic. After a long political debate, in Germany Elektrorollers have finally been granted road approval. With the legal requirements met and rules now fixed, regular car drivers can now purchase their own Elektrorollers.

Those who wish to test the Elektroroller freedom, or are interested in an occasional use can simply download an app, register and start rolling. There is a one Euro renting fee and depending on the location 15 or 20 cents per minute. The app shows the location of an available Elektroroller and its respective battery status. Although you must be 18 years of age to rent, a driver’s license is not required. Plans are underway to make Elektrorollers part of public transport: passengers with a valid train ticket will be able to use an Elektroroller to get from the train station to their destination.

Subsequently, it comes as no surprise that the Elektroroller – a revolutionary mode of mobility is gaining acceptance across many German cities. The Elektroroller is environment benign: requires no fuel, no pollution or emissions is silent and can attain speeds up to 32 kilometres per hour. The Elektroroller has a robust frame made from rust-resistant aluminum alloy. The throttle is durable and easy to use. A headlight ensures you see where you are going whilst also remaining visible to other road users. The front suspension is ideal for a variety of urban surfaces.

Other features include a GPS tracking system, front drum brake calibrated for feel and control, with an electric brake regenerated by the Elektroroller’s movement. Large air-less wheels allow for high grip and low resistance. A Smartphone holder and cup holder are ideally located for your coffee, tea, water, or beverage. The Elektroroller is equipped with a 300 to 750W motor. A 50-cell power pack delivers a travel distance of 34 to 45 Km.

Bicycles and horses are two platforms deployed by the German police in their community-policing efforts. Can Elektrorollers have a role in community-policing across urban centres in Nigeria? What about applications in road traffic management, airports, stadiums, sea-ports, or even recreation for citizens?

Elektroroller photo
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