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The Inflation vs Growth Debate by Victor Ogiemwonyi

The Inflation vs Growth Debate by Victor Ogiemwonyi

The recent Central Bank of Nigeria‘s Monetary policy Committee‘s decision, to continue its hiking of interest rate, by another 100 basis points to 16.5% has elevated the debate on where the preference should lie. Inflation lowering is a core mandate for all central Banks. Monetary stability is important for economic well-being. The issue is, should

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The CBN-Reset: Will The Reform Go All The Way?

Of recent, the debate has been about the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) intention to redesign Nigeria’ s National currency, the Naira, and reprint the three largest denominations and calling in the old notes for cancellation. The debate, essentially, has been about whether this is a good or bad policy. Like anything else, every good

Reviewing The Infrastructure Development Debacle

The often loud claims of infrastructure development by the current government has not resonated well with the Nigerian public, because what has been delivered, is too little to cheer about, mainly because of the wrong financing strategy, with all the associated limitations. These limitations have led to delayed delivery, higher cost and overall inefficiency and

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