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In Osun, Mother and Child Health Suffers Neglect

In Osun, Mother and Child Health Suffers Neglect

From Raheemat Adeniran I decided to seek antenatal care at the State Hospital, Ede after my family’s recent relocation to the state. That was my first delivery in the state. My two previous pregnancies and births were managed at a military hospital in Ibadan where I was managed as a civilian patient. It was my

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Magu: The Ephemerality of Power – Mike Ozekhome, SAN

Mr. Ibrahim Magu has been acting as EFCC Chairman for over five years. The Senate, on two occasions, refused to confirm him based on clear report on damning allegations of corruption levelled against him by Government secret agency, the DSS. Magu’s compromised supporters and cheap publicists eating from his table, and those afraid of public

Russia 2018: What Nigeria Owes The World 

To be sure qualifying for the most important football event in the world is a big deal. After all only 32 countries get to participate in fun-filled and skill driven reverie of the World Cup out of hundreds of nations that started the race. Therefore the Euphoria that greeted the qualification of Nigeria for its

What Piece of Information Did Tinubu Gift President Buhari in Cote d’Ivoire?

It was quite gratifying seeing President  Muhammadu Buhari display rare strength and character recently in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire’s capital.  Strength because without betraying any sign of tiredness or weakness, he was engaged in one bilateral meeting after another, lasting well past midnight for the duration of the conference. And character as evidenced in the currency and

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Whither Zimbabwe

By Martins Agbonlahor How are the mighty fallen, indeed! When war veteran, Robert Gabriel Mugabe assumed the throne as president of Zimbabwe thirty seven years ago, we had high hopes especially when His Excellency himself in building a wholly participatory, all-inclusive, non-racial government urged the white population of Zimbabwe to ‘stay with us…in this country and

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Don Advocates De-Corrupting Of Education System

Pai Obanya, an emeritus professor of the Institute of Education, University of Ibadan, U.I., has identified de-corruption of the education development process in Nigeria as the only sure means through which the country can achieve it desired growth. He said this on Thursday, why delivering a lecture on the topic, Education, and Corruption, at the

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Why Community Policing Matters

Whenever governments or nation states are confronted with the issues of terrorism, one thought that assails the mind is the significance of intelligence as a counter-terrorism instrument. This could mean the gathering of intelligence information by relevant security agencies about the next terrorist attack. Such information could lead to nipping such existing plot in the

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