Ekiti Peaceful Under Fayemi

 – Adewale Omirin, Speaker, Ekiti State House of Assembly

Hon.-Adewale-Omirin,-Speaker,-Ekiti-State-House-of-Assembly-(50)What do you think is responsible for the cordial relationship that exists between the executive and legislative arms of government in Ekiti State?

You see anywhere you find the House of Assembly being at loggerheads with the executive, such a state would suffer a lack of progress and development. I think such conflicts are often selfish and some even think they can use it to impeach the governor. In many cases, this could be for monetary considerations. In Ekiti State however, the passage of bills is for the benefit of the people and the fulfilment of the eight-point agenda of the governor. The only thing is that if a bill is passed and there is a misappropriation of fund, then the governor has to answer query. That is what we do.

How will you describe the leadership style of Governor Kayode Fayemi?

He is like a father to us. He is committed and passionate about the people. He is honest with an aim to make poverty history in Ekiti State. He has this eight-point agenda which he has implemented faithfully. At the beginning of his administration, he showed us graphically the projects he had in mind and how they would be implemented in four years’ time. By now, Ekiti State is already looking like what he wanted it to look like in four years. He has surpassed his other predecessors in all areas. Take a look at Ikogosi that was abandoned by the previous government, it is now a world-class tourist centre and Ekiti students are in schools learning under a conducive environment courtesy of a governor who is Mr. Promise keeper (Fayemi). In our general hospitals, renovations are going on. For the first time, Ekiti State is now having its own Government House. We can’t compare him with anybody.

As I said, he has ruled for three and half years and the person contesting with him ruled for same time, we can put the tenure side by side and weigh their achievements. In one instance, we had a three and half years when residents of the state lived one day, one trouble and there was no respect for the rule of law. But now we have three and a half years where Ekiti residents can sleep with their eyes closed. Not only that, we have a three and half years when there is massive development, when elders can collect salary without working and when we have quality health care. Before now, only 22 per cent of our secondary school students passed WASSCE but now it has risen to 70 per cent. I see the Governor as gold while others are sand. He has done a lot. As far as I am concerned, Fayemi is the best and we hope he continues.

What would you like to be remembered for after your tenure as Speaker?

As the Speaker, I believe there are a lot of things I would be remembered for. Like increasing the salaries of temporary staff of the Assembly. Also for ensuring that their quarterly outfit allowance is now paid along with their salaries. Another is the fact that the Ekiti State House of Assembly had had four sessions before this one and in all had passed a total of 150 bills, but this current House has passed 65 of them as at now. Meanwhile, we still have a year and two months to go. That means we will still pass more. So if you look at it, you would see we are setting a record and making history. I think these are some of the things I would like to be remembered for.

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