Foot Attached Backward to Replace Lost Knee


Jordon Moody

Jordon Moody, a British woman whose lower leg was amputated due to cancer has had a foot attached backward to replace her lost knee.

Moody lost her left leg above the knee due to bone cancer and doctors performed a rotation plasty to reattach her foot facing backward to create a replacement knee joint.
Her doctors told her that she would either have to lose her whole leg or they could move the bottom half of her leg up to replace her thigh and attach her foot as a knee joint.
“They told me they could get rid of the thigh and use the bottom part of my leg to replace the top part and my foot would become my knee. They said they would have to turn it 180 degrees because of the way the foot bends so it would bend the same way as a knee,” Moody said.
The 22-year-old further revealed  that doctors at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham, England, told her the rotationplasty would allow her to be fitted with prosthesis.
“I can’t get out much at the moment and I am now waiting to be fitted with a new artificial lower limb, which will be attached to the joint created from the foot. Hopefully, before Christmas, I will be walking unaided again, that’s my goal,” she said.
Moody, who was studying performing arts in New York when doctors first discovered she had cancer in her thigh, said she wont give up her dreams of being an actor.
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