Give Us Light, Not Promises

By Dinobi Ofuonyebi – Internet Constituency

The power sector in Nigeria has gone through terrible times as almost the worst sector that has denied many Nigerians dividends of democracy. It has also become the most corrupt project and the easiest pipeline through which the nation’s commonwealth is swindled.

Several billions in dollars has been sunk on the project to enrich the bank accounts of some people yet many Nigerians live daily in utter darkness. The NEPA of old only changed name but did not change content. It has remained ‘Never Expect Power at All’. Despite the Electricity Power Reform Act, 2005, the PHCN has not fared better since its privatisation.

The belief therefore that power would be the president’s ‘joker’ for the 2015 elections sounds strange. For millions of Nigerians, all we know is the promise of megawatts yet we have not enjoyed even an hour light supply of light for a day! I am sure the promises of 18 hours light per day only exists in Aso Rock and the government houses across the states of the nation or possibly, at the domain of those of our federal ministers and other special aides of the government in power!

I am sure that Mr. President, though has a good dream and plan for Nigeria like his predecessors on this subject but he may not be aware that Nigerians now pay higher tariff for light they did not consume. I am a victim of this very unjust process. Though, this assertion seems like an irony but this is the naked truth. Mr. President may not know that the investors in the sector are already tightening the noose on the innocent consumers with their ‘crazy’ bills.

Like a ritual process, we have seen our leaders make political promises to the people only to fail in delivering the promises. Thus President Jonathan’s promise for improvement in power generation few months to the 2015 election may remain unfulfilled.

Yet we all wait patiently and wonder if Mr. President can bail out nation by getting it out of the long years of living in darkness. Honestly, we need electricity; Nigerians are tired of promises of more megawatts that only bring more darkness.



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